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Our terms and conditions are split into two sections. Our company dm³ LTD own the domain and the front end website. The dating platform is provided by a 3rd party, White Label Dating (Global Personals LTD).

The Front End Website [] terms and conditions by dm³ LTD

Copyright and trademarks
The Front End Website is protected by copyright and trademark law. No part of The Front End Website may be copied or reproduced without written permission from dm³ LTD.

Provision of service
dm³ LTD provides no guarantee of the uptime of The Front End Website, longevity or data storage and may terminate or alter the service of The Front End Website without warning.

Links to other sites that are not owned by dm³ LTD are used at the visitors own risk.

dm³ LTD, The Front End Website and these terms and conditions operate under UK law.

The Backend Website [White Label Dating] terms and conditions by Global Personals LTD

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